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Brian Wilson's Struggle in 'Love & Mercy' Trailer

  Image source   Opinion: DMichaelElkins Wow, they really matched the clothing and poses from some of the iconic studio photos of Brian in the Pet Sounds/Smile days and Dano seems to have really nailed it, at least from an appearance/mannerisms perspective. I'm still scratching my head over Cusack

Kanye West Debuts "All Day" At Brit 2015 Awards

  Image source   Opinion: Big Snoozy Big snoopy doop, Drizzy, Lil Wayne, J 'Hove' Z and now Yeezus, these people at least have a sense of humor don't they?! White people would never be this humorous. Professor Macklemore is a rubbish name by comparison. He needs to change it to Mack Dawg or

Scarlett Johansson's New Band Faces Cease-and-Desist

  Image source   Opinion: Marco Couto The Singles are a band from portugal since 1977. So I guess when you choose such non original name for your band you cant really expect that there wont be a couple of them out there with the same name, and complain about who names their bands the same way. So


  Image source   Opinion: Jeff Fox they jury got it wrong. anyone that doesn't suffer with a mental illness cannot understand what the guy was going through. I'm not saying he shouldn't be held responsible but I believe he should have been committed to a behavioral health facility until it is

Lady Gaga to Star in American Horror Story

  Image source   Opinion: Oscar AmigoTuyo oh Gosh I wish this wasn't so...I wish Gaga was taking a more promising route into acting than a dying series which gets worse with every season. No disrespect to the genius that is Ryan Murphy but look at every show that he creates...It starts out with

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