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Check Out What Kid Rock Did To Help SEALS Pay Tribute to Chris Kyle

 Check Out What Kid Rock Did To Help SEALS Pay Tribute to Chris Kyle

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Rikki Hoffmann

Look the things is Chris Kyle put out his life for this country just like many other soldiers today and in the past. Sure he might have killed a few civilians accidently but come on we have Al Qaeda and ISIS killing people every day no matter if they are innocent or not. So what does it matter, people in the middle east don't care about us and to be honest they only care if we give them money and resources. Chris Kyle represented America and American soldiers that risk their lives everyday for this country, and who ever you are talking about him that way and the war is just unbelievable if in 1960s or back in the day you talked bad about a american soldier you were put down and couldn't talk about something like that. It seems in todays society like many older people can agree with me that the governement and people are focusing on the little details and not so much on the major issue such as President Obama who didn't even provided congress or the public for that matter his birth certificate and yet we don't question whether he is Muslim yet when Congress and american public brings up the world wide ISIS issue Obama says that those who were executed that they were not Christians how ever the pope is taking action today. The world and people in it aren't so perfect no matter what happens in our world or society there is going to be a war or conflict but its up to us like Chris Kyle to fight back and be ready for it. There are so many issues that need to be resolved one that should be considered is immigrants passing our borders ilegally and then they get awarded by it by welfare and other programs. Yet when our veterans and senior citizens who worked hard for everything they have don't have money to pay for themselves or their families. But we need to focus on other countries yea sure like this country doesn't already have enough on its plate. To be honest those AMERICANS!! WHO ARE TIRED OF OBAMA OR THE GOVERNMENT AND WHAT THEY ARE DOING NEED TO STAND UP AS ONE AND CALL THESES PEOPLE OUT ON IT AND SHOW THEM THAT AMERICA NEEDS TO GO INTO A DIFFERENT BETTER DIRECTION ONE IN WHICH TELLS THEIR PRESIDENT TO STOP GOING TO PALM SPRINGS TO GOLF ON OUR TAXES AND TO START FOCUSING ON MORE IMPORTANT THINGS IN THE COUNTRY!!!! THE TRUTH AND OPINION OF THE AMERICAN NEED TO BE PRESENTED AS A WHOLE. 


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