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Bjork Keeping 'Vulnicura' Off Spotify: 'It Just Seems Insane

  Image source   Opinion: Black Pianos Part of the reason we've ended up in a world where music has been devalued is the enormous amount of bad faith that built up from the greedy, exploitive selling practices of artists like Bjork and Radiohead, who milked their fanbase for every penny they had

Check Out What Kid Rock Did To Help SEALS Pay Tribute to Chris Kyle

  Image source   Opinion: Rikki Hoffmann Look the things is Chris Kyle put out his life for this country just like many other soldiers today and in the past. Sure he might have killed a few civilians accidently but come on we have Al Qaeda and ISIS killing people every day no matter if they are

MAYNARD JAMES KEENAN Says Songwriting Sessions For TOOL's Next Album Are 'Progressing Nicely'

  Image source   Opinion: Brandon Hicks Isn't this the same thing they have been saying for years now? I hate this band because only a bunch of self important douche bags would treat their fans this way. Stringing everyone along forever. The last album came out 10 years ago and there are these

Paul McCartney's childhood home in Liverpool heads for auction

  Image source   Opinion: Attractive Man He blended well and stood out when he was around the previous talents of decades past; but with this video and Lady Gaga; I guess his name is just for hire but I'm surprised someone like that would still take it. He doesn't need the money. It's been looking

Kanye West Gives Drake Advice & Discusses New Album

  Image source   Opinion: People Did you guys even watch the interview? Or are you still busy spewing the typical American BS trash talk? Hes clearly not the same person. Thats whats wrong w America you can only see things one way. People change. Things change. Thats what makes these people

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